mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

RESOLUTIONS: Margherita Missoni

In this brand new – if ephemeral – regular, we ask a handful of contemporary icons what their new year’s resolution are. First up is Margherita Missoni, who says her aim for 2012 is to “quit smoking”.

Featured in Wonderland‘s September/October edition, she talked to us about what good taste means to her. Here’s a snippet of the piece…
Good taste: it’s something, I guess. But it depends how you look at things and how you place it. Without the instinct, it never arrives. But it’s also influenced by the things that surround you. Everything that’s forced comes out looking unnatural. When I admire someone’s style or elegance, it’s usually someone who has a very specific taste, and a very distinctive way of dressing. It doesn’t mean eccentric, it just means a little odd. They wouldn’t wear any trends from the magazines.
They probably find things that they like and adapt them to their style. It really shows when people feel at ease and comfortable with what they are wearing. That’s why I find it very hard today when they ask me to name contemporary style icons. Because even the people who have good personal taste, it’s de-personalised by the work of a stylist. I grew up seeing the world through the eyes of my family. I never knew that trends were not common. I was just used to mixing trends and colour on my own self and around myself.
My mother’s and my grandmother’s taste were quite different. And everybody says that I’m a bit between the two of them. My mother says I am a bit more antique in my head.

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